How to Search Jobs post Covid in India ?

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Industry Secrets with tips and tricks that helped more than 2000 students find there dream job.
The Art of Searching a Job is for those seriously looking to make a career in IT.

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Hi, I am Shahzan Mulla, I help students with the ART OF SEARCHING A JOB post covid, and help them use the internet to Project themselves in a better way. 

With all the experience i have had over the year working with multiple Industry leaders, i can put show you all the tips and tricks to land that dream job of yours.

In 2015  I started as a System Admin Intern with ZERO salary, and today I am working as a CISO for one of the biggest Companies in the world and have travelled to more than 12 countries. In a matter of 5 years I have gone from making ZERO rupees a month to a 6 figure salary per month.

Our education system today speaks a lot of technical skills, what if you have gathered all the tech skills in the world and if you don’t know how to find that dream job of yours, if you don’t know how to rightly search jobs on Naukri,if you don’t know how to make use of – power of LinkedIn,all your efforts will go wasted or you will end up months together searching for jobs.

The sole purpose of this workshop is to help all the young energetic Job seekers to channelize their efforts in the right direction to land that dream job and teach the ART OF SEARCHING A JOB.

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